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Residency Support - Free Consultation

Please contact me for a free consultation - I'm very happy to answer to review your documents and answer some initial questions about the residency process. For example, I could strategize with you on how to present the fact that you had to take Step 1 twice, or share my thoughts about the pros and cons about applying in multiple specialties. Before you hire me for the full range of my residency support services, I want you to be more than confident about my ability to help you. I could also connect you with some of my past and present advisees and clients to help you make a more informed decision.

Unlike other online services, I will not limit you to only three edits of your personal statement, or worse, send your information out to third parties who you've never spoken to. I will personally work with you on every document, for as many drafts as you need, until the job is done. Though I pride myself on looking at the entire scope of your application package, I am also willing to discuss individual components of your application.

Please email me at david@residencysupport.com - and consider enclosing a draft of your personal statement and CV, your USMLE history, and copies of your MSPE and LORs if you have them available. That way I can best assess your needs and my ability to assist you. I will write back to you with detailed and specific feedback that should strengthen your application and give you a better sense of the support that I provide. We can also set up an initial consultation via phone or Skype.

This is my field of expertise, my passion, and my calling. Let me help you succeed!

Sincerely, David Backman

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