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Residency Support - Payment

The entire residency application process is interconnected, and with that in mind, I offer a discounted package fee for working on all aspects of your application, including your personal statement, CV, MSPE, letters of recommendation, USMLE assessment, interview strategies, matching, and related residency support. This covers answering all of your questions throughout the process, and editing your personal statement for as many drafts as it takes until you are happy with the final version. I'm not just an editor; I'm a residency support expert, and you should take advantage of my entire advising package.

Typically, my American clients send me a personal check drawn on a United States bank, and my international clients use a service like PayPal. Many of my clients pay less than my full price, since I offer a "finder's fee" of a 10% refund of your fees per paying client that you send me. For example, if you send me three other paying clients (which can happen quite easily if you hire me early in the application process and then tell your friends), your net expenses drop dramatically.

But before we ever talk about money, I offer a free consultation to all potential clients to give you a sense of my work style and insight. Send me your CV, a draft of your personal statement, and your USMLE history, and I will give you some free feedback.

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