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Residency Support - Qualifications

I have a very specialized background that will help you strengthen and enhance your residency application to improve your chances of interviewing at the programs of your choice.

"I want to nominate Dave Backman for...writing MSPE letters every year for graduating seniors, and doing it with a smile. I have never seen Dave in a non-cheerful mood. He so genuinely cares for the success of all of the medical students, strives to build personal relationships with them and is so dedicated to writing meaningful and professional dean's letters for every single student. His resourcefulness and enthusiasm are very admirable and much appreciated."

"Dave was a very calming presence with regards to residency matching. Every time I had the littlest concern, I would stop by and ask him a few questions and he was always reassuring and well as realistic. He never sugar coated anything (which I really appreciated) but was also encouraging and supportive. He was a cheerful presence throughout the process and gave really good pointers with regards to where to go for help, how to approach letter writers, and how to think about the process from both a professional (i.e. what is best for my career) and personal (i.e. what is best for my family) perspective. He takes so much pride in what he does and makes you feel so supported and well looked after through a stressful application process."

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