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Residency Support - Testimonials

"Residency Support and David were quite invaluable during the residency application process. As an IMG, I didnít have a lot of guidance on the process and most of the information I collected was from online forums. Iím really happy that I hired Davidís services early on. He possesses insider knowledge of the match process due to his unique background, is very professional, an excellent advisor, and his help alleviated a lot of the stress and uncertainty I had going into the process. Specifically, Iím very satisfied with the personal statement that David and I worked on. He offers unlimited revisions, something unique from other online services, and is able to focus on the subtleties that program directors look for. I even received positive feedback on it during my interviews. The interview preparation he offers was also very useful, as David takes on the role of a PD in mock interviews and coaches you on how to best articulate yourself and how to present your strengths while mitigating your weaknesses. This was infinitely better than practicing with my other med school colleagues. I felt in control and was able to lead my interviews to strengths I wanted to speak about. He also offers help on drafting several other critical documents, and is able to give constructive criticism on your application. After matching in my #2 choice program, I enthusiastically recommend his services to other resident applicants."
- J K, M.D., M.P.H. (graduated from University of Zagreb School of Medicine (Croatia))

"I found out about David through a random google search. I emailed him to see if he can help me with my application. After I had a Skype video chat with David, I knew exactly he was the right person to guide me through the residency application process. What I appreciated the most about David was that he was always on top of my application: emailing me to make sure I have my personal statement and CV draft on time, that I am working on getting letters of recommendations. With the help of David, I had a well drafted personal statement and precisely organized CV four months before ERAS application opened.
"Putting your life story, experiences, and your uniqueness in a single page takes a talent, which I didn't possess. There is no greater agony more than burying your untold story or telling it in away that doesn't catch the interest of program directors, and thats where David really helped me. He helped me craft an amazing personal statement that every program director I interviewed with was awed by. He guided and helped me to make my application have one theme; to highlight strongly that I am more than qualified to become a surgeon.
"I am a Caribbean med student that was told my dream of becoming a surgeon died when I crossed the ocean to go to med school. Every one told me that I have to do one or two years of prelim to match in to surgery. If it wasn't for David, my application would have ended up in the trash bin, but yet I matched into categorical surgery residency at one of the most competitive hospitals. We all work hard and we all deserve to further train in residency. However, if you have a disorganized application, a personal statement that sounds like written for college entrance, and a CV that doesn't portray your strength, will undermine your dream of securing a residency spot. If you are a person like me and believe real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present, you will never regret having David by your side.
"My sincerest appreciation to David Backman for turning my fantasy of becoming a surgeon to a reality."
- Biruk A, M.D. (graduated from St. George's University School of Medicine)

"If you ever doubt your chance of receiving a residency position due to a perceived "slim" chance, I highly recommend that you contact David Backman. He rose to the occasion and professionally helped me accomplish my goal in a situation that may have appeared impossible.
"I had been out of medical school for 8 years, completed only 1 year of Internal Medicine Residency and had been practicing General Medicine for 6 years with an unsuccessful attempt to match into Family Medicine 2 years prior. Fast forward to March of this year, I successfully matched into my number one choice of training for Family Medicine Residency at UC Irvine!"
- Kalaki C, M.D. (graduated from Creighton University School of Medicine)

"I found David as a suggestion of a friend who told me about his match success story. He mentioned David was essential for achieving his goal. I decided to reach out and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I entered the match as a US IMG with really high hopes for Neurology. I thought that maybe coming from a non US school my chances would be low. David oriented me (always being honest; something I loved about him. He doesnít sugar coat things) and prepared me in every step of the way. I had no idea about what a TOKEN was and he answered even the most silly questions in order for me to understand this process. He helped with my personal statement, multiple times, making it the best version it could be. He also helped me gain extra interview invites and MATCH WELL. Yes, In Neurology!!! At a US Program I couldíve only dreamed of!! I actually felt like I was his only candidate at the point, knowing I wasnít, but due to the extra attention and precision he took with every step of my application. If you have any doubts of his service, please donít hesitate to ask me. David is the real deal and for that I will be forever thankful! #NeurologyMatch2019 !"
- Natalia Q, M.D. (graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara)

"David, I wanted to take the time and say thank you! You really helped me along the way and especially at the last minute. Even when I was worried you still reassured me. Looking back I felt that Emergency Medicine was out of reach (not from my mentors in the field or my research mentor but from my peers). So when I obtained your services you were honest with me every step of the way and didnít give up on the reassurance. Not to mention I probably would not have added half the things you recommended which made my application stand out on interviews. I have already and will be referring you in the future. I also want to thank you for all the work you have done for others in the past and present as well. I am forever grateful."
- Jamila H, M.D. (graduated from St. George's University School of Medicine)

"I was very nervous about applying to the United States as a Canadian IMG (especially after not matching my first attempt!) and needing a visa. I was so happy to receive 8 interviews after working with David, and matched to my second choice! I would recommend this service to any Canadian or any IMG who questions the strength of their application. It is well worth the investment and perhaps the best you'll have made for your application season. I know it had a lot to do with his excellent guidance and suggestions and I'm very happy having worked with him in getting myself into residency! Thank you so much David!"
- Nicholas E, M.D., (graduated from Avalon University School of Medicine)

"As a Caribbean med student, I was told over and over again that matching into anesthesiology would be near impossible. I had started working with David only about one month before ERAS was due, yet we somehow pulled through with personal statements, my CV, and even practice interview sessions via Skype in such a short amount of time! He is so meticulous and truly cares about you and your application, and he knows exactly what programs are looking for in candidates. After applications were in, he continued to help me with emails to programs and program directors (sooo many emails) and also prepared for SOAP, just in case! With David's help, I ended up matching into my #2 choice for anesthesiology, and I cannot thank him enough!"
- Rena Z, M.D. (graduated from Ross University School of Medicine)

"David is so meticulous and professional and always there to give suggestion in every step through the application. Based on his background, he provides great support which I believe is helpful and heartwarming especially for foreign graduates. I recently got the Match result and I matched in my first ranked program."
- Benham J, M.D. (graduated from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)

"COUPLES MATCH! We are very thankful with David because he helped us a lot through the match process. He was a great advisor and he coached us all the way. We highly recommend him, for he is very professional and is always trying to help his customers. For us, it was very challenging as we were applying in the COUPLES MATCH. He went through all the things we needed to have in order to be very competitive, and for that we thank him. We matched in our first choice, in the same hospital and at the same program. David was one of the key people that helped us achieve our goal. In case of doing it again, we would get his services again without a doubt!"
- Vanessa S, M.D. and Carlos O, M.D. (graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara)

"As a US medical student hoping to specialize in internal medicine, I was told I had "nothing to worry about" in terms of a successful match. However, even the most prestigious of medical schools cannot provide undivided, personal attention to all of its students. Hiring David gave me all this, in addition to a valuable perspective on the nuances of the application process, interview season, and the stressful weeks leading up to Match Day. He went over every aspect of my application with an eye for detail, so that when I submitted my information, I knew it was error-free, professional, and presented me as the very best applicant I could possibly be. I matched at my number one program, and I really believe that David played a huge role in this accomplishment!"
- Rachna U, M.D., M.P.H. (graduated from University of Colorado School of Medicine)

"Without the slightest hesitation, I highly recommend David for residency application support. He was highly referred to me by a friend from my medical school, and I canít thank him enough for his meticulous edits on not only my application but also on follow up emails to programs. He helped me tremendously with interview preparation, and I went into every interview feeling very well prepared. With Davidís help, I was able to secure more interviews than I had initially hoped for and ended up matching at my #1 program! I cannot thank David enough and truly recommend his services for any applicant."
- Rena M, M.D. (graduated from Ross University School of Medicine)

"I would like to thank David for amazing job for helping me to match this year! I was told that I didn't have any chance since I am an old foreign graduate (more then 10 years!). It was disappointing but I wasn't going to give up. David did great job while editing my CV, PS and all types of communication with programs. All his suggestions were very useful and they really worked. He helped me to prepare for interviews that went really well. Needless to say that I am very grateful to him for my successful match! I am very pleased to recommend David as a knowledgeable supporter during your residency journey."
- Ekaterina D, M.D., M.B.A. (graduated from Rostov State Medical University)

"Hello David! I matched at my number 1!!! I am still in shock because they are one of the top FM programs in the country!!! Thank you so much for all of your help during the interview process! I will highly recommend you to anyone who needs your services. Now time to celebrate!!!"
- Aaron W, M.D. (graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara)

"It is a well-known fact that getting into a residency program in the US is a much harder process for a foreign medical graduate (FMG). This trend can be explained by various factors such as doubts about medical education abroad, visa issues, English proficiency, etc. And as a result of this, there are many companies and people (including David Backman), which work in the area providing help to applicants, who are predominantly FMGs. Most of these companies offer an opportunity to get a free sample assessment of your documents (CV, personal statement, USMLE scores etc.) and speculate about applicant's chances to match into specific residency programs.
"I always want to test a price/quality ratio of somebody's product prior to purchasing it. So, I sent my documents for a free assessment to 4 different companies including David's "Residency Support". After receiving responses from them, which were generally similar and even looked robotic, with overlaudation and speculating about my great personal statement. On the other hand, David provided a positive and kind response, yet very critical overview of my papers. Based on these, it was obvious for me that only David provided me a personalized assessment.
"David never gave false reassurances, but at the same time was very supportive and tried to inspire me. He greatly helped me during this exhausting residency application season (2011-2012) and with his support I matched into a prestigious residency program in Internal Medicine at Chicago.
"I strongly believe that David's experience and expertise in this field can greatly increase your chances irrespective of your medical school origin. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information."
- Aibek M, M.D. (graduated from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University)

"David was very helpful with the entire application process and I credit him for helping me to secure a residency position this year. I had many mistakes and oversights that I would have sent out unbeknownst to me and I am sure it would have come off as unprofessional. Having an expert like David co-sign what I was sending out was a great way to have peace of mind."
- Amit G, M.D. (graduated from Kasturba Medical College Manipal / American University of Antigua)

"I feel very lucky to have had David on my side during the stressful residency application season. He is extremely knowledgable and experienced, so competent that I and hordes of my UCSF classmates depended on him to help us navigate an often-tricky system (with ERAS, etc.), and was basically instrumental in helping me identify and focus on prioritizing the steps of the application process appropriately. I'm thrilled to say that I gained admission into my top choice program for residency!"
- Iljie F, M.D, M.S. (graduated from University of California, San Francisco)

"Thank you for everything. Besides all your help with my ERAS, I want to tell you thanks for all the guidance, I'll make sure other people know of this."
- Isabel R, M.D. (graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara)

"Thank you so much for all your help during that year of our contract. You did very great job to make my resume, personal statement and ERAS application look professional. Thanks for editing my personal statement many times to fit for many specialties and for editing the resume many times after every update."
- Makary I, M.B.Ch.B. (graduated from University of Mansoura, Egypt)

"I would also like to take this time to thank you for all of your hard work with my application. I want to express my gratitude for the advice and coaching you have given me about my application. It truly helped to talk to someone that has been a part of the residency process as well as an expert in the application and interview process. You not only put my mind at ease during those stressful times, but you gave me ways to shine during an interview. I am incredibly grateful for all you have done for me and I will definitely recommend your services to fellow classmates that will be embarking on the same journey."
- Kevin C, D.O. (graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine)

"I was absolutely amazed by David. I had a publication from my graduate studies but was unable to locate the information, and voila a day later I got an email saying he had found the site where my name appeared. The same was true for locating my attending physician where I had completed a clinical rotation, but had been unable to find since the physician was no longer working at the university.
"I received a contract and receipt of payment. I submitted all my last year's documents and got a response right away to changes that needed to be made and a plan of action. When I needed a response to a question right away, David emailed me either right away or at the latest the next following day, so that I could complete the things that took priority. He has advised me with information that is not even included in the services and I am grateful and thankful to him.
"I realize that his fee is not pocket change, but I had anticipated that I needed help with my ERAS application so I saved money ahead of time. But I have to tell you that even if I had not saved, I would have asked my family/bank/closest friends to help me out. This is an investment you do not want to miss. It's a small investment into your future and well worth it. Compared to many sites, David assists you with the whole process of the residency match and you cannot beat that. In addition to his ERAS application/interview assistance, he will do edits on your personal statement until you are satisfied and believe me I have not found a service that will do that.
"Speak with David and make your own decisions. If you need any additional information, I'll be more than happy to answer it."
- Julide A, M.D. (graduated from American University of the Caribbean)

"The whole match process can be overwhelming so it was helpful to have an experienced person like David to guide me through it. With all the stress of rotations and getting letters of recommendation, it was reassuring just to have an extra pair of eyes to look over my application. In the end, I matched at my first choice in internal medicine."
- Joel E, M.D. (graduated from University of Massachusetts Medical School)

"I thought after taking the CK and CS, I would be relaxing and leisurely filling out my ERAS application. After one day's work on the Common Application Form, I realized that the process would be just as tough as studying for the boards. I was in need of ERAS cliffnotes! That's when I found Dave. Dave and I created a timeline to get me organized with all the various parts of the application. He has the ability to transform and revamp a personal statement into a masterpiece. After each edit, I didn't think my statement could get better - and then Dave suggests a few things here and there and my statement jumps into a whole new bracket of quality. His comments are always onpoint. Coming from a foreign school, our resources are limited. Dave is a wealth of knowledge and is always quick in responding to any questions or thoughts I have. If we as future physicians are as attentive to our patients as he is to our applications, we will make top notch docs. I am 100% certain that a night in the hospital (admitting diagnosis: nervous breakdown) would cost a heck of a lot more than hiring Dave!"
- Ann G, M.D., M.P.H. (graduated from Ross University)

"I cannot thank you enough for everything. After talking to my classmates, I know I made the right decision to have you work with me; I had at least 3x the number of interviews as everyone else. I have also recommended you highly to other classmates and friends."
- Robin L, M.D. (graduated from New York Medical College's Fifth Pathway / Pre-Internship program)

"I have matched into my dream career, Neurology. I am so grateful that you were with me throughout this crucial process. Thanks for helping me, for your patience, your optimism, and sharing your experiences and knowledge in order to be successful in this pathway. You have fulfilled all my expectations of what I was looking in a residency application consultant, but more than that: a mentor and a friend. Certainly, I will contact you for the fellowship application and I will spread the word and recommend you to all my colleagues."
- Daniel R, M.D. (international medical graduate)

"Matched into Internal Medicine, 2016! If you knew my state of affairs on 15th September 2015, you would've advised me to wait another year instead of gambling away $1500 in the 100+ programs that an IMG usually applies to. My application was short of MSPE, CS results, Medical school transcripts on the opening day of ERAS. I was confused whether or not to apply as it is generally believed that if you don't apply on the 15th, you might as well not apply! So I emailed David asking for his advice. I am so glad I took it. I waited 2 weeks, got my transcripts and MSPE, applied around 3rd October and uploaded my CS results on the 7th. To all residency aspirants out there, all I want to say is that, although its best to apply on 15th Sept with a complete package, its no harm to wait a couple of weeks if you don't have it all. I'm grateful to David for helping me out, it always helps to seek advice from someone experienced!"
- Nasreen A, M.D. (international medical graduate)

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